This page is a demo for the banano-pay-button project. Pressing the "Donate 50 BAN" button will generate QR Code for a valid Banano payment URI, which include address, amount and a label for easier payment origin identification. The exact code, implementing the donation button is:

      data-title="Donate 50 BAN"
  <script src=""></script>
QR Code will replace the button itself, so in order to see it again, please reload the page.

Everybody can add similar button to their own page by just including the single JavaScript file from the provided CDN URL and configuring <div> container for their needs. The only required parameters are id - should be "banano-button" and data-address - should be valid Banano address for receiving the tokens.

The purpose of the button is to only generate QR code, the payment itself should be done after scanning the image with real mobile Banano wallet (I'm using Kalium for my everyday Banano transactions).

This page is just a demo, but the Banano address is real, so contributing a small amount of Banano will be hugely appreciated, will support my work and keep me going.